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Sukhodaya Charitable Society

It is working on Key Issues of Health & Family Welfare, Agriculture

Sukhodaya Ayur

Sukhodaya Ayurhub Llp is a Limited Liability Partnership firm incorporated on 05 September..

Sukhodaya Medicinal Garden & Ayurveda Park

Our hospital is surrounded with 4 acre of medicinal garden. Almost all medicines wet drugs are ...

Sukhodaya Yoga & Counselling Center.

We have the Yoga Therapy & Counseling Centre is situated at Kanjirappally

Sukhodaya Ayurveda

About Us

Inherited knowledge of five generation in Ayurveda field, additional experience well academic qualifications and dedication together grand a precious value to Sukhodaya‘s medicines and treatments .

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Sukhodaya Doctors

Our Specialized Doctors

Sukhodaya Ayurveda

Our Specialities

We are an Ayurveda group based in Kottayam, Kerala. Traditional Ayurveda practitioners, we are today a name that is synonymous with authentic Ayurveda healing. We specialize in highly effective treatments for all kinds of diseases especially diseases of the eye. Our products are known for their high quality and efficacy. We are also the pioneers of the Ayurveda First Aid Kit.

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Sukhodaya Ayurveda

Our Treatments

Sukhodaya Hospitals offer the following panchakarma treatments. Apart from curing specific diseases, these therapies are ideal for rejuvenation of the mind and body

Abhyangam More information
Bashpa swedam More information
Choorna pinda sweda More information
Dhanyamala Dhara More information
Jaluokavacharana More information
Janu vasti More information
Kati vasti More information
Mamsa Kizhi More information
Mukha lepam More information
Nadi swedam More information
Njavara kizhi / shastika pinda sweda More information
Osteoarthritis (OA) / Degenerative Arthritis  More information
Patra pinda sweda / E/A kizhi More information
Pizhichil More information
Prachanam More information
Psoriasis More information
Raktamoksha More information
Shiro dhara More information
Shiro lepam More information
Shirovasti More information
Sringavacarana More information
Takra Dhara More information
Udwarthanam More information
Vasti karma More information
Virechanam More information
Weight reduction More information

Sukhodaya Ayurveda

Our Products

We have our own products such as Ayurveda First aid kit, Agnijith for Burns, Murivenna thailam ...

 Marmani ghrutham 

Marmanighrutham ointment is highly effective for sprains, bedsores and infected burn wounds. Ten drops of Marmanighrutham applied on the head... Read More

 Stonil choornam

Stonil Choornam is excellent remedy for Urinary tract infections and kidney stones It reduces the inflammation and irritation caused by... Read More

Agastya Rasayanam 

Agastya rasayanam is one of the very famous Ayurvedic medicines for asthma. It is widely used in many respiratory diseases.... Read More

Agnijith ointment 

Ideal for burns, immediate application prevents blisters. For burns anywhere in the body apply a small amount of agnijith ointment... Read More

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What our patient's say
Prasannan Thamarasseril

Sukhodaya Ayurvedic Hospital having traditional Ayurvedic treatment under the close supervision of doctors.We are taking regular treatments periodically for back pain for the last 14 years and getting cured very effectively. Suggested treatments are Oil massage,Njavarakizhy,Elakizhy,Udvarthanam,Shirodhara, Paralysis related diseases etc.Treatments are based on the patients condition and sickness.AC non AC comfortable rooms and homely foods will be available for patients and bystanders

Blessy Mariya India

Happy to be a part of Sukhodaya family. As an Ayurveda doctor it is my privilege fo work with Dr.C V James and Dr.Reetha James. They have solution for all ailments. Along with the medicine,the spiritual and psychological approach helps in uprooting the disease completely. IndiaAbsolutely peaceful ambiance for yoga and meditation.

Abhijith Unnikrishnan India

It was really a good experience. Medicinal Garden is really outstanding. And they prepare most of the medicine from direct collection from there garden. Dr James's yoga class will give us more confidence in overcoming life situations. Dr reetha's treatment and her dedication is treating us is really admirable. I came with disc problem and completetly alright.

Sukhodaya Ayurveda


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Emergency unit

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Expansion Plans

With great immense pleasure we are happy to announce our 75th Anniversary of Excellence in service.  In this special occasion we…

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Geriatric care unit

Geriatric Care:  A Home away home for old aged parents or elderly people who becomes lonely.  We take care of…

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Our Packages

Our Treatment Packages   We have various departments with several sections for our in-patient and outpatient management. Our doctors are highly…

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News & Events

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Sukhodaya Ayurveda Hospital  has introduced a special 14 days Weight Reduction  Campaign .People who facing  obesity and overweight  can opt this. Weight can be reduced within 14 days without avoiding non veg and including you favourite foods.Even employees and housewifes can be a part of this weight reduction campaign through... 

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As part of celebrating 75th year of Sukhodaya Ayurveda  Hospital ,Sukhodaya charitable society & Sukhodaya hospital unitedly establish a new yoga and counselling centre .Basic yoga ,therapeutic yoga,pregnancy yoga ,aerial yoga,fitness yoga classes, will start in the upcoming classes will be conducted under the guidance of great yogacharya  Dr,C... 

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