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Sukhodaya Hospitals
The Sukhodaya Group has two well-equipped Ayurveda Hospitals. These are manned by highly qualified and experienced Ayurveda practitioners. The hospitals offer traditional and highly effective courses of panchakarma treatment for all forms of diseases. In addition we also offer rejuvenation therapies which make you fresh and energetic. A full-fledged canteen takes care of the dietary requirements of the patients.

Sukhodaya Hospitals offer treatments in mainly the following diseases:

Bone Diseases
Back ache, neck ache, backache, cervical spondylosis and cervical spondylitis. Spinal disc problems are cured without use of collars, belts, traction etc.

Diseases of the Respiratory Tract
Chest infections, chest congestion, asthma, breathing problems, sinusitis, difficulty in breathing etc.

Sneezing, chronic cold, nasal block, headache, eisnophilia etc caused due to allergies.

Diseases of the Alimentary Canal
Gas, loss of appetite, indigestion, ulcers, dysentery and intestinal ulcers

Skin Diseases
Eczema, psoriasis, skin allergies, bedsores and all kinds of skin diseases.

Pediatric problems
Mental retardation, poor memory, poor eyesight, poor hearing, stammering, speech problems, anaemia, night fever, suffocation, stomach disorders, handicaps due to polio, cerebral palsy etc.

Urinary Infection
Kidney stone and all diseases related to the urinary tract.

Rheumatic arthritis, paralysis, facial paralysis, hemiplegia and stroke.

Ear, Nose, Throat
Ear pain, ear infection, deafness, mouth ulcers, tonsillitis, gum infection, bleeding of gums etc.

Eye Diseases
Sukhodaya specializes in diseases of the eye like eye infections, conjunctivitis, watery eyes, poor eyesight, short sight, long sight, and weak eyesight caused due to weakness of nerves. This is a specialization being followed from the time of our founder Sri Varghese Vaidyan.

Infact the foundation stone of Sukhodaya Hospital was laid by Fr. A Antony, President, All India Blind Federation, who attained miraculous improvement of vision through our treatment. Suffering from retinitis pigmentosa, Fr. A Antony had tried various forms of treatment, but to no avail. After undergoing Ayurveda treatment at Sukhodaya, his condition improved tremendously. Continuing that tradition set with our first patient, we have today many such success stories.

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