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Sukhodaya Health Club and Multi-Gym is situated in Kanjikuzhy, 4 kms from Kottayam town. The club is intended as a total health concept. Health is the most vital ingredient of a successful life yet it is the most neglected one too. The health club aims to help individuals stick to a routine of daily health care through exercises, workouts, Yoga etc. An outfit with a difference, the club combines body workouts with fun.

Equipped with state-of-the-art exercising equipment, at Sukhodaya Health Club and Multi Gym, you get the best kind of exercises for your body under the expert guidance of trained instructors who not only advise you on what is best for your body but also motivate you to stick to your exercising programme and achieve results.

Steam Bath
Experience the freshness and rejuvenation of this refreshing steam bath. This technique makes the body supple, increases stamina, relieves tension, improves complexion- in short invigorates body and mind.

Counseling facilities for individuals, students and families are available at the club. Experienced counselors help you handle your problems with a new and more effective approach and guide you to a life of greater fulfillment.

Yoga the ancient Indian science of the mind helps awaken latent powers of the mind and body thereby helping in the formation of a wholesome personality. Yoga helps us achieve harmony with nature and improve self-confidence and spiritual and mental health. Sukhodaya Fitness Point offers classes in yoga and meditation.

Our Trainers
A team of experienced and renowned trainers guides you through your exercises.

Health food
Wholesome food goes hand in hand with good health. Sukhodaya Fitness Point and Multi-Gym offers you food that is healthy, nutritious and ideal for your fitness programme.

Recreation Centre
Here you can unwind after your day's exhausting schedule and relax in the company of friends.

Sukhodaya Health Club and Multi-Gym offers you a connection to health and fitness forever.

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