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The first Ayurveda First Aid kit in the world
Sukhodaya Ayurvedic First Aid Kit is a collection of six highly effective ayurvedic external application medicines, ideal for first aid in emergencies.

All the medicines in the kit are products of our extensive research backed by modern technological expertise.
The kit is extremely handy in hospitals, health centers, schools and colleges, laboratories, workshops, hotels & lodges, vehicles and even in your homes.

Murivenna is ideal for for containing flow of blood and healing small or big wounds. It can also be used for sprains and contusious wounds. Murivenna is also suitable for bedsores and burns.

Karpoorathi Thailam
Highly effective for all muscular pains especially back pain, shoulder pain, muscle cramp, varicose veins etc. Karpoorathi Thailam eases aching of hands, shoulders and legs due to continuous work. Application on the body before daily bath increases freshness and vitality.

Valiya Nagarathi Enna
For infected gums, tooth pain, swelling of gums etc, place cotton dipped in luke warm Valiya Nagarathi Enna on the affected part. For throat pain and tonsillitis, gargle hot salt water with ten drops of Valiya Nagarathi Enna.

Ideal for burns, immediate application prevents blisters.
For burns inside mouth or otherwise, application is advised under medical supervision and advice.

Marmanighrutham ointment is highly effective for sprains, bedsores and infected burn wounds. Ten drops of Marmanighrutham applied on the head is ideal for giddiness.

Dhoomavarthi gives immediate relief from painful headache, nasal block, common cold etc.
Dip one side of Dhoomavarthi in Valiya nagarathi enna and light it. Put off the fire and inhale the fumes three times through both nostrils.

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