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Our special products
  1. Tharan kit -Very effective for treating Hair loss, Dandruff, Psoriasis.
  2. Mukha kanthi powder- a face pack for pimples, black patches etc.
  3. Charma kanthi ointment –skin pigmentation (fair and dark)
  4. Charma raksha ointment – for the treatment of round worms, itching and psoriasis.
  5. Udaramrudam lehyam – for gas trouble, back pain, piles
  6. Chyavanaprasam lehyam – for total body health and rejuvenation
  7. Pal podi – for treating pyorrhoea and tooth ache.
  8. Dosha jit kashayam – available in liquid and powered form used for treating fever, cold, cough, asthma, sneezing, sinusitis, other allergies etc.
  9. Sukhodaya bala doshajith syrup- oesnophelia, chronic fever, cough, allergy (for children and adults).
  10. Krimihari Syrup- for all types of worm infections (for children and adults).
  11. Vashadilehyam- for treating cough, chest infection poor appetite etc..
  12. Ilaneer kuzhabbu- eye irritation, burning sensation and vision disabilities.
  13. thaleesadi vatakam – cough, tonsillitis, loss of appetite
  14. neelibringada oil – for healthy black hair and sound sleep.
  15. dasapushpadi oil – for all kinds of skin diseases. Ideal for applying as hair oil and on the body.
  16. Vathaharam – can be used irrespective of age for all arthritic disorders and pain in the joints.
  17. rasnadichoornam – for rubbing on the head after bath as a preventive measure from cold.
  18. kadali rasayanam –for heating up of the body, burning sensation etc.. and for improving body vitality.
  19. sukama ointment – for cracks on the foot , and rashes on the body.
  20. nrijundhyadi erandhum – for treating constipation, worm infection, gas trouble, piles etc.
  21. jeevandhyadi gulika – effective in treating short sight, long sight, cataract and other disorders due to the poor performance of nerve cells.
  22. Ajamamsa rasayanam – used for improving physique, body strength, memory power etc. effective in increasing the quality of breast milk. Can also be used as a tonic for all irrespective of age.
  23. Agasthya rasayanam – very effective for cough, asthma, etc. Improves body strength, vitality and immunity. This tonic is beneficial for all age groups.
  24. Post pregnancy kit - The kit includes ayurvedic medicines like dhanwantharam kashayam, nalpamara chooranam, baby oil etc.


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