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"Sukhodaya's PanchaGold" is a package specialy devised by the promoters for the lovers of 'Ayurveda', the traditional Indian System of Medcine and Rejuvenation. By joining this scheme, you can be assured of ayurvedic treatments and massaging for a continuous pedod of 5 years, at "SUKHODAYA RESORTS & AYURVEDIC PARK", Kanjirappally in the district of Kottayam.


Pancha Gold is an advance scheme to propagate Ayurvedic awareness among people. By joining this scheme the Unit Holder and their family members are entitled to get better Ayurvedic treatment at low cost for a long period of 5 years. The main attractions of the scheme is as under.

  1. The Scheme is to propagate Ayurvedic Awareness among people.

  2. The Scheme is an Advance Payment for treatment for 5 years.

  3. Any person can join under this scheme on payment of Rs. 1 50,000/= [One lakh fifty thousand Only] and becomes a Unit Holder.

  4. The Scheme is valid for 5 years from the date of joining.

  5. Under this scheme Unit Holders are eligible for Free Treatments, Medicines and Non A/C. Accommodation valued at Rs. 5,000/- [Five Thousand only] per day for 30 days valued at Rs. 150,000/- [One lakh Fifty Thousand Only] every year for 5 years totaling Rs. 750,000/- [Seven Lakhs and fifty thousand Only]. Please see the table below.

  6. The members under this scheme shall be charged extra for the food but a rebate of 20% will be provided.

  7. This Unit Holders under this Scheme can avail this facility for 5 years from the date of joining and after completion of five years this scheme will automatically lapsed, and no further claims whatsoever shall be entertained.

  8. The maximum benefit which can be availed by a unit Holder or his family in an year is Rs.150,000/- only. Any additional benefits over and above this amount shall be paid by the Unit Holder or his Nominee. Benefits can be availed as treatments, Medicines and Accommodation only. Reimbursement in the form of cash will not be allowed.

  9. In the absence of the Unit Holder, he/she can nominate others as beneficiary and they can avail the above benefits.

  10. If a unit holder requires A/C Accommodation, he or she will be provided such facilities on payment of the extra charges on the actual cost.

  11. The benefits are calculated based on the actual Room Tariff, Treatment charges and cost of Medicines as applicable at the time of availing such benefits.

  12. The unit holder shall bring the Pancha Gold Card and shall be duly endorsed as and when treatments availed. When referring other persons as nomineess; he should send the required reference letter in advance for availing claims under this scheme.

  13. Subject to Jurisdiction of Kanjirapally.
How to Join the Scheme..?
You can avail the Sukhodaya's Panchagold by paying a sum of Rs.1 lakh and fifty thousand as advance to, Sukhodaya Resorts & Ayurvedic Park.


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