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To share our facilities to the needy and the prospective and in the view of the further development, we offer “Sukhodaya Gold” for rupees one lakh per unit. A unit holder shall be given the following facilities for 20 years.

  1. A golden scheme that returns 35 times your initial investment amount.
  2. ‘Sukhodaya Gold Scheme' returns 25 times the initial investment amount and ensures free Ayurvedic treatment for 20 years.
  3. Patients are provided excellent three star accommodation for undergoing all types of treatments including panchakarma treatment. Medicines are also provided free of cost.
  4. Life insurance coverage up to three lakh rupees.
  5. The Gold Card owner has full privilege to buy, sell or render free of cost, the privileges he is enjoying. He can transfer his privileges to any one inside or outside India.
  6. 20% of the payment is given as commission, when guests come with the recommendation of a ‘Sukhodaya gold card owner.
  7. If the insurance coverage is not required a sum of rupees 5000 and if Insurance and treatment is not required a sum of Rupees 10000 is returned yearly. Only 300 members are given entry in sukhodaya Gold Scheme, both inside India and Outside. A concession of Rs.5000 is given to the first 100 registrations.
  8. To join the scheme You become a unit member by buying a unit worth Rs.1 lakh.
  9. After becoming a unit member, he/She can transfer his membership to any one as per the tariff rates.
  10. Both Indians and NRIs can join the scheme.
  11. Sukhodaya gold scheme is a V.I.P membership introduced as part of our 57th anniversary.

The scheme:

1. He/She can avail maximum 10 days' free treatment with prescribe food and accommodation in the Sukhodaya Resort and Ayurvedic park every year and undergo any of the treatment as stated above according to the requirements / suggestions by the physician.

2.  In his or her absence, a unit holder can nominate anyone for the treatment; but maximum 10 days free treatment with prescribed food and accommodation for a single person in an year only allowed.

3. A unit holder can sponsor anyone for Ayurvedic treatment with prescribed food and accommodation at the resort for which 20 % special discount of then and there expenses including treatment in the resort will be provided.

4. A unit holder if he or she desires, will be insured for a maximum of rupees 1 lakh for 20-year period limiting the upper age 65. The yearly premium will be borne by the resort. The member can also nominate anyone for and on behalf of him to enjoy the insurance privilege for 20 years subject to the age limit prescribed therein those who do not require the above free insurance facility will be paid Rs.5000/- every year in lieu of insurance premium. If the insurance coverage to the unit holder is less than 20 years, the policy will be reduced accordingly and for the balance period (reckoned to 20 years) will be paid Rs.5000/- per year.

5. If a unit holder does not require the insurance coverage as stated above he /she will be paid Rs5000/- per year by DD/Cheque/cash for 20 years depending upon the law of the land.

6. A bystander or a person can also accompany the unit holder while on treatment. He /she will also be provided free accommodation; but only 20% discount on other service charges including food.

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